About Us

Varanasi Divine Services is the brainchild of a group of people from diverse backgrounds, bound together by a thread of belief. The belief which strengthens us all when the tides are rough and teaches us to be thankful when the sailing is smooth.
Which is why we have for you a unique platform to provide you with the necessary goods and services you might need in the hours of your sacred offerings to the almighty. Set in one of the holiest cities of the world, Varanasi Divine Services ensures that petty factors such as distance and unavailability may not become a hindrance in your prayers. Thus, the provision of the necessary ingredients as well as the services are at your services globally.
The quality of the materials is absolutely pure and is borne out of the holy city of Banaras. By providing you with the necessities, we wish to weave a network of trust and companionship between us and the ones who seek the almighty. Together we shall pray and let others pray.

About the Founder

Vandana TripathiVandana Tripathi is the Founder and Managing Director of Varanasi Divine Services. Varanasi Divine Services aims to become one of the most popular holy services provider all over the world.
An ardent worshipper herself, she noticed the discomfort caused to the people who wished to pray but were at a disadvantage due to their habitat in the far-off places. Thus was born the idea to make sure that the people who wished to adopt our customs and also the ones who wanted to practise them may not be deprived of an opportunity to do so.
An MBA and a graduate in the discipline of Law, Vandana Tripathi has been a guiding light in the setting of this venture, providing valuable inputs and the insight of a manager, proving to be apt at the task. She has also been a phenomenal help in looking at things from a legal point of view so as to lessen our hurdles in managing the services globally.

Content Manager

Anurag Pandey writes and manages the content on the website and the social media fronts. In almost all the aspects Anurag Pandeyof trades and services, communication plays a crucial role. Which is why this comes as no surprise that he was chosen to manage the content displayed online so that our valuable consumers may clearly understand each and every product and service that is offered to them.